Best Movie Trailers of 2013

(according to my refined and expert opinion, which counts for absolutely nothing)


I have yet to see the English-language debut of Park Chan-Wook (he of Oldboy infamy), nor may I ever given the middling-to-terrible reviews it's been getting. But man was that a trailer. I have to dock a few points for the hillarible "Hey Stoker! Or should I call you Stroker..." line, but the sound mixing here is absolutely spectacular. The metronome, the eerie piano duet, and the over-the-top opening monologue from Nicole Kidman, mixed with the director's dependably stylish visuals and production design, make for a pretty mouthwatering 2:30 minutes. Or maybe that's just because I'm a film geek.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Perfectly cut to a perfectly-chosen song. That Matthew McConoughey bit at the end makes me scratch my head every time, but otherwise the trailer is spot-on. The second trailer is pretty good too and plays up the humorous/absurd elements of the movie in a way that makes me go "Okay, I'll bite" instead of "Okay, now that I've seen all the funny parts I don't need to see this anymore". (Keep in mind that Scorsese's latest clocks in at a minute shy of 3 hours, so I would hope the trailer isn't giving away all the funny parts) (I mean, obviously it isn't, but you get what I'm saying)

A Touch of Sin

An appropriately operatic and tense trailer for a film about four separate working-class Chinese citizens whose lives interlock and build to a finale of extreme violence. The gongs that start around 0:45 give me chills.


I haven't met an Alexander Payne film I've actually liked, but that combination of dry voiceover and indie trumpet music is just so irresistibly droll.

The Wind Rises


That coupled with the fact that it's Miyazaki's final movie and I'll be a wreck when I finally get to see this.

(Yes, I chose this trailer purely for the song. The Japanese version uses the full song but it also gives away the entire plot of the

Mother of George

The first time I saw this trailer I wanted to run out and see this immediately, even though I knew absolutely nothing about it. I think that makes it qualify as a good trailer.

(bonus: the gorgeous cinematography and the cool drum-and-string musical combo)