Highlights from Tim's Favorite Movie Soundtracks (aka Your Next Study Playlist)

Music is about as important a component of a movie as anything else that goes into the production of a film. A good score has the power to take the images onscreen and the words being spoken and channel right into the heart of the viewer; likewise, the total absence of music in a film can heighten a sense of despair or elevate tensions in otherwise pedestrian situations (Eastern European "torture cinema", as I have come to call it, makes ample use of this technique).

Of course, you don't need me to tell you how great cinematic scores can be—from John Williams' blockbuster overtures to the iconic screeches of Bernard Herrmann's "Psycho" score, the genre of movie soundtrack comprises some of the most memorable and powerful songs of the last 120 years. To say nothing of the sort of brilliantly talented composers who find themselves adding their musical genius to the medium.

After watching Martin Scorsese's phenomenal "Taxi Driver" tonight, I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite made-for-movie music for your listening pleasure. 


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