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“Listening to LGBT+ Christians”
(Essay on Revoice 2019)

““All models are wrong,’ the saying goes among statisticians, ‘but some are useful.’ The modern language of LGBTQ+ identity, while often unhelpfully obfuscating the boundaries between ontology, phenomenology, and epistemology, has been tremendously helpful in uniting and giving voice to people whose experience of sexual attraction and gender is at odds with what the majority of society (often uncritically) prescribes as normative. Within the LGBTQ+ Christian community, one finds a further distinction between Side A Christians—those who believe that God blesses sexual expression in same-sex marriage—and Side B Christians—those who believe that sexual activity is reserved for followers of Christ in the context of the sacrament of marriage, as described by the Church as the union of one man and one woman, but who also reject the narrative that one’s sexual orientation can (or should) be changed or reversed.

“Wiseman in the Heartland”
(Review of Monrovia, Indiana)

“Yet it isn’t so much the lack of young blood or fresh ideas that poses a threat to Monrovia’s future as the decaying understanding across the community of why it has the traditions it does, and how to maintain them. Or, in some cases, what the point of passing on tradition is in the first place.”

“A Few Foreign Films”
(Recap of New York Film Festival 2018)

“New York is considered the last of the major film festivals of the calendar year. Consequently, there’s an absence here of that legendary buzz of discovery associated with other festivals. All the movies that end up here have already been discovered somewhere else—Cannes, Berlin, Sundance, Locarno, Venice, Toronto—and everyone who comes to this festival does so with the foreknowledge (or at least access to it) of which movies are worth seeing and why.”

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