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“Wiseman in the Heartland”
(Review of Monrovia, Indiana)

“Yet it isn’t so much the lack of young blood or fresh ideas that poses a threat to Monrovia’s future as the decaying understanding across the community of why it has the traditions it does, and how to maintain them. Or, in some cases, what the point of passing on tradition is in the first place.”

“A Few Foreign Films”
(Recap of New York Film Festival 2018)

“New York is considered the last of the major film festivals of the calendar year. Consequently, there’s an absence here of that legendary buzz of discovery associated with other festivals. All the movies that end up here have already been discovered somewhere else—Cannes, Berlin, Sundance, Locarno, Venice, Toronto—and everyone who comes to this festival does so with the foreknowledge (or at least access to it) of which movies are worth seeing and why.”

“Cinematic Saint”
(Essay on The Passion of Joan of Arc and Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc)

“Whatever else it may do, art that focuses only on the most notable events and deeds in the lives of history’s holiest people runs the risk of misleading us into forgetting that saints were human, too. Joan of Arc is one of our more unusual examples, since for so many modern, non-Christian artists she was more an object of historical or aesthetic fascination or pity than a model of piety and obedience we can still learn from today.”

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